Case study

We Are Park campaign


Brussels Environment


The number of visitors to Brussels parks increased as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, as did the volume of waste. As a result, Brussels Environment wanted to create a campaign to encourage summer visitors to properly manage their waste.


Behaven devised a campaign strategy that linked proper waste disposal to community strength. In terms of messaging, it aimed to increase social pressure on littering behaviours in order to reinforce proper waste disposal as a social norm. From a media standpoint, the campaign aimed to encourage proper waste disposal by providing instructions at the right time and place, emphasising contextual communications over traditional communications.


A successful and impactful campaign. The message of cleanliness in Brussels parks was correctly communicated, including its collective responsibility dimension.
The improvements noticed by visitors were confirmed by a 30% reduction in waste following the campaign.


collective responsibility




waste reduction



“Behaven's in-depth analysis and innovative communications strategy based on a scientific approach to behaviour change particularly impressed us.”

Corentin Tassignon, Programme Manager — Brussels Environment