Leave your success to science, not chance

Enhance the effectiveness of your sustainability programmes and products by leveraging human nature. Our scientifically-backed models and tools are tailored to drive sustainable behaviour change, empowering you to uncover, design, and optimise your initiatives for maximum impact.


Understand your audience's motivations and barriers to change, or identify opportunities for gaining a competitive advantage, by going beyond declarative data and accessing unconscious influences thanks to our 360 Model™ and innovative research methods.

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Drive adoption and usage of your sustainability products and programmes by changing your audience’s behaviour, thanks to our Rainbow Wheel™ of more than 60 proven behavioural interventions specifically developed for sustainability challenges.

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Improve the effectiveness of your sustainability programmes and products by reinforcing them with proven behaviour change techniques that maximise their strengths and remove unseen weaknesses.

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Join people from numerous businesses and institutions like Bournemouth University (UK), University of Geneva (CH), Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL) or EDHEC Business School (FR) and harness the power of behavioural science to maximise the success of your sustainability programmes and products, from practical knowledge to ready-to-use tools.

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