EDHEC Online, Management and Sustainable Behaviours


Fred Dorsimont

A successful ecological transition requires more than awareness, innovation, and government intervention. They must be accompanied, on the one hand, by widespread sustainable behaviours and, on the other, by better decision-making within organisations. EDHEC Online, EDHEC Business School's first 100% online training and certification platform, commissioned Behaven to create the Management and Sustainable Behaviours course to address this dual challenge.

The course's goal is to give students a toolkit from behavioural science to help them reduce change barriers and lead both managers and their audiences to make better choices for society and the planet. It will give students a better understanding of the key principles of behavioural science and their importance for the ecological transition, the various influences on business decisions and individual behaviours, as well as the scientific and actionable tools for harnessing these influences for sustainable purposes.

By the end of the programme, participants — who are already working professionals — will be able to identify the cognitive biases that are limiting green decision making in their organisations and use appropriate tools to address them. They will also be able to apply the methodology they have learned to encourage sustainable behaviours in their target audience, from identifying barriers to implementing behaviour change solutions.

The course, which begins in September, will combine online teaching with interactive sessions with the Behaven team.

Christophe Abrial — Director of the Executive Master Programme Manager Online and Bachelor of Science in Business Management Online, EDHEC Business School: "Our goal is to train managers and future managers who are aware of the challenges of the environmental transition and, more importantly, who are capable of actively participating in positively impacting the future through their behaviours and decisions. With Behaven, we have found the ideal expert for our online programmes and to assist us in moving from intention to action."

Fred Dorsimont — Managing Director, Behaven: "It is critical to provide managers with the tools they need to manage the ecological transition. We are delighted to have established this programme, which addresses both decision-makers' and the general public's behaviour."

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Fred Dorsimont
Managing Director