EDHEC Sustainable Campus Challenge


Fred Dorsimont

EDHEC Business School, committed to leading by example, is pursuing its sustainability initiatives through the Sustainable Campus Challenge. This event, organised in collaboration with Behaven, not only raised awareness of environmental issues and the importance of individual behaviours among students and staff, but also involved them in defining and implementing concrete solutions to encourage sustainable behaviours on campus.

Students used the Behaven methodology during the Sustainable Campus Challenge to understand the barriers to sustainable behaviours, identify the most relevant solutions, and translate them into concrete actions on campus. The students worked on one of the five themes listed below, each of which has significant potential to reduce the impact of human activity on the planet:

  • Sustainable diet
  • Mobility to/from campus
  • Waste management on campus
  • Sobriety and digital use on campus
  • Energy conservation on campus

Working in small groups, the students were assisted by over 30 facilitators trained in the Behaven methodology, as well as the expertise of many event staff members. After that, the students presented their concrete ideas to a jury, which met to select the best recommendation for each of the five themes. These recommendations will now be refined, with the most relevant ones being implemented on campus.

From October 26 to 29, the winning teams will participate in a train trip to the sustainable campus of the University of Amsterdam.

Guergana Guintcheva — Professor of Marketing and Director of Business Management Programmes: "Behaven assisted us in structuring the academic content of this day by adapting it to our specific needs, owing to its expertise in the field of behavioural science (themes, target behaviours etc.). This enabled us to take advantage of a turnkey challenge and make a success of this experience from its inception."

Fred Dorsimont — Managing Director, Behaven: "Educating tomorrow's business leaders on the importance of sustainable behaviours is critical, especially in motivating people to act. We are pleased to see that a prestigious school like EDHEC is committed to this approach."

For more information, please contact:

Fred Dorsimont
Managing Director