GOOD MOVES #13: From Science to Practice


Fred Dorsimont

In this month’s GOOD MOVES newsletter, we focus on how businesses can incorporate behavioural science into their sustainability efforts — thanks to two fantastic guests:

Richard Wright is Unilever's Global Sustainability Director, Behaviour Change. In this episode, Richard talks about the use of behavioural science at Unilever and the need to create tools that are tailored to the company's needs.

Michael E. Smith, PhD, MBA is a Scientific Advisor for CloudArmy. We discuss his book 'Inspiring Green Consumer Choices' and his extensive experience working at the intersection of neuroscience, behavioural science and sustainability.

What makes both of our guests remarkable is that they have been experimenting with and applying behavioural science long before Kahneman and Thaler popularised the discipline. Please read carefully what Richard and Michael have to say. They have a wealth of experience to share.

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